2 04, 2012

VOLK Wheel Collection

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Volk Racing, the premier wheel line from RAYS Engineering, incorporates all of RAYS' top-level technologies learned in Super GT, Touring Car racing, LeMans and Formula One motorsports into its trend-setting designs. Volk Racing wheel styles feature optimum caliper clearance, increased lip size and a wide combination of face contours to perfectly match the desired application. The wheels also feature RAYS Original Forging Technology (RM8000), a versatile process that creates a balance of light weight, strength, durability and rigidity (the ability to resist deformation during high cornering loads). RAYS independently developed and patented the RM8000 forging process and designed the machines used to perfect the flow of metal without cut-off ensuring structural integrity is maintained in the final wheel design. An RM forged Volk Racing wheel is first pressed utilizing millions of pounds under a mold to achieve its basic shape. Then the RM8000 forging technology is used to uniformly press the wheel from the top, [...]