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KRAFTWERK power increase through ECU tuning – Made in Germany

With long experience and proven success in the area of software optimisation, KRAFTWERK guarantees highest quality and longevity of our product. The development and set up of the software is performed in ultra modern premises in Germany and includes thoroughly tested power upgrades and Eco optimisation, custom tunings for every car, top speed removals, software set ups for race cars, truck agricultural vehicles and boats. 

Through the optimisation of engine management software Kraftwerk Performance can achieve an increase of engine torque and engine power of up to 30% – all within all safety parameters of the manufacturers.

Your car will have finally the set up, it deserves. From stock the set up is average, for standard, mixed use of the car including city drives, high ways, short and long distances. With the Kraftwerk tuning the performance side of the car in unleashed and the car accelerates better in the lower rpm’s, feels much stronger and in the higher rpm’s the engine performs more dynamically and more powerful which results in higher speeds and available top end power. All that guarantees more driving pleasure, fun and reduces your expenses at the petrol station – see ECO optimisation.

For more information visit: www.kraftwerk.com.au

Furthermore we offer German, TUV approved Tuning Packages from leading German performance specialist including BRABUS, CARLSSON, TECHART, VAETH, MTM, ABT SPORTSLINE, NOVITEC, HAMANN Motorsport, LORINSER, HARTGE and many more.

HIGH PERFORMANCE upgrades SUPERCHARGER systems and TURBO CONVERSIONS are our speciality. Enquire now to learn about the options.

Enquire now to learn about the options.