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Tuning World provides top quality, custom design solutions in areas of our suspension, exhaust, ECU tuning, paint, body kits, entire car wraps and colour changes for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, VW, Mini and other European vehicles. The Tuning World custom work services are not just your average, run of the mill automotive performance ad-ons. Every custom piece is done so with a purpose. Be it aesthetics, looks, functionality, quality or comfort at a value or superior quality. 

You name it, we make it happen.

Tuning World is committed to the tuning industry, we live and breathe latest European car innovation, never accepting the status-quo. We capitalise on our partners combined years of racing and winning to provide the highest-quality, best-performing custom made solutions money can buy. Our European partner’s reputation for quality and innovation is unrivalled and so are our custom design and implementation services.

  • Big brake upgrades with ADR approval
  • Carbon fibre wrapping of all exterior and interior plastic parts
  • Specialist remote control car functions
  • One-off wheel design and manufacturing
  • car entertainment
  • other

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